Our Story

Our Story:

Welcome to Earthie By Nature, where natural vegan skincare meets a heartfelt commitment to healthy skin and a happier planet! Founded by sisters Nordia and Vanessa in October 2023, our journey began from a shared desire to find skincare solutions that not only nourished our skin but also aligned with our values of cruelty-free practices.

Like you, we've faced the struggles of skincare products loaded with harsh chemicals and tested on animals. So, we decided to shake things up! We set out on a mission to whip up skincare goodies that celebrate the beauty of nature while giving you that radiant, healthy glow you've been craving.

With transparency and integrity at our core, we stick to using only the good stuff – think phthalate-free fragrance, pure essential oils, and plant extracts that work wonders on your skin.

But wait, there's more! At Earthie By Nature, we're not just about skincare; we're all about making a positive impact on our beautiful planet. That's why we're hustling hard to become a 100% sustainable brand by 2025.

✅ From eco-friendly packaging

✅ To shrinking our carbon footprint

🌍 We're on a mission to do good every single day.

So, come join the Earthie By Nature family! Let's dive into a skincare journey that's all about embracing your natural beauty, taking care of your inner glow, and showing some love to Mother Earth. Together, let's sprinkle a little kindness, one skincare routine at a time – for you, for the earth, and for a brighter, happier tomorrow!

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